Our Team

Tucker W. "Bill" Main | Chairman & CEO

Tucker W. "Bill" Main is a nationally recognized foodservice management consultant, having served over 350 clients throughout the United States and Canada. He has a BS degree in Economics from Oregon State University, where he was a 3-year Pac-8 Conference halfback and draft choice for the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bill has over 30 years of foodservice experience, starting with the original "fern bar," the famed Henry Africa's in San Francisco. He developed and owned three restaurants during his career, most notably, The Shore Bird, a Cape Cod-style seafood restaurant located on the Pacific coast, just south of San Francisco, CA. For nearly 23 years, The Shore Bird was recognized as one of the most successful and profitable restaurants in the United States.

His "best practices" approach to successful foodservice operations has been widely acclaimed as the definitive methodology to both survive and prosper in the ever-competitive foodservice world.

Bill was an active board member of the California Restaurant Association (CRA) for 10 years, and served as Chairman during the 1996-97 term. He is currently a trustee of the CRA Educational Foundation. A member and past director of the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), he has earned an honorary Ph.D. in Foodservice--with an emphasis in common sense. Main observed that the success of every foodservice operation was based on a myriad of trade secrets--insider knowledge, proprietary shortcuts, and bits of wisdom. His "best practices" approach to successful foodservice operations has been widely acclaimed as the definitive methodology to both survive and prosper in the ever-competitive foodservice world. Bill's recent area of focus deals with competition head-on by helping clients with brand development and the art of aligning brand promise with brand delivery.

Main is well known to the trade media, contributing author and regular columnist to Nations Restaurant News, Restaurants & Institutions, Flavor & The Menu, Restaurant Hospitality, and many others. He has written three books and authored dozens of published articles over the last 20 years.

Considered to be one of the top foodservice speakers in North America, Bill has developed seminars for restaurant associations in the United States and Canada, Club Managers Association of America, distributors, corporate hotels and multi-unit restaurant clients. As a keynote speaker, his unique perspective has garnered him top reviews internationally. He holds the CSP designation from the National Speakers Association, a certification held by only the top 3% of speakers in America.

Main's expertise extends beyond the foodservice and hospitality industries. Father of triplets, he has also become an expert on behavior modification!

Barbara O. Geshekter | President & COO

Barbara Overhoff Geshekter, M.A., is an industrial psychologist with a degree in Organizational Development. Author of three best-selling books on human resources, Geshekter has also developed an extensive line of personnel-related materials incorporating the philosophies of her partner, Bill Main. Their Trade Secrets products include turnkey HR fundamentals and management development systems.

Fifteen years as a real estate broker and graduate studies focused on personality traits and success in commissioned sales served as the foundation for the development of a series of sales training seminars which she presents for distribution and manufacturing clients across the country. This first-hand expertise also affords her the ability to manage a wide variety of special client projects, including marketing strategies for real estate development, site selection, political affairs, contract and lease negotiations.

When Geshekter isn't engaged with the responsibilities of running Bill Main & Associates, she's a passionate student of interior design, architecture, couture and literature.

Cynthia J. Wanklin | Director of Finance

Bill Main would say that Cindy Wanklin is the best numbers expert in the foodservice industry - bar none. She is the ultimate financial analyst, able to skillfully convert seemingly disastrous financial situations and numerical quagmires into logical and understandable models. She possesses the innate ability to see through the numbers, reconstruct what really happened and draw accurate conclusions.

In addition to her corporate responsibilities as Director of Finance, Cindy is an accomplished accounting specialist, providing a unique perspective to financial management and analysis, oversees all consulting projects, surveys, and database management maintained by Bill Main & Associates. She has more than 20 years of hands-on financial experience with over 200 foodservice clients, from single unit independents to emerging chains, including over 15 years as CFO for our own restaurants.

Cindy has developed the proprietary cost control and financial management programs included in the Trade Secrets products and utilized by clients to track foodservice profitability. She regularly interfaces with accountants, CFO's and Controllers, providing support and guidance in the integration of our "best practices" financial methodologies into client companies. Cindy has a fabulous instinct for the restaurant industry, she's an excellent coach, and steadfastly adheres to "the numbers don't lie" philosophy. In conjunction with Bill, Cindy researches and develops the financial models crucial to our 25 and 0 record with expert witness engagements.

Melissa McGowan | Director of Communications & Operations

Melissa McGowan holds a degree in Organizational Communication, blending human resource theory, organizational strategy and business training and development. She serves as the content and creative coordinator for our products, web sites, corporate communications, and client deliverables, and contributes to book, article and on-line content development and editing. She also produces our seminar presentations and workshops for operator, distributor and healthcare audiences nationwide.

Project administration and account management occupy the organizational side of Melissa's responsibilities. She serves on our multi-dimensional client services team, specializing in customized client management services. Typical projects include the analysis and integration of best practices systems and protocols, strategic planning, workshop coordination, and special projects administration.

Her knowledge of the Internet and electronic media allows Melissa to develop innovative go-to-market strategies and economical applications for our distributors, manufacturers and foodservice clients. She also serves as our resident expert on Generation X, and is involved in every aspect of our corporate planning and development.

In the year following Bill Main's program, our gross sales increased significantly. But more importantly, our profit margin improved by two points!

Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss how Bill Main's products and services can invigorate your business' bottom line!

Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss how Bill Main's products and services can invigorate your business' bottom line!