Our Team

Melissa McGowan
Director of Communications & Operations

Melissa McGowan holds a degree in Organizational Communication, blending human resource theory, organizational strategy and business training and development. She serves as the content and creative coordinator for our products, web sites, corporate communications, and client deliverables, and contributes to book, article and on-line content development and editing. She also produces our seminar presentations and workshops for operator, distributor and healthcare audiences nationwide.

Project administration and account management occupy the organizational side of Melissa's responsibilities. She serves on our multi-dimensional client services team, specializing in customized client management services. Typical projects include the analysis and integration of best practices systems and protocols, strategic planning, workshop coordination, and special projects administration.

Her knowledge of the Internet and electronic media allows Melissa to develop innovative go-to-market strategies and economical applications for our distributors, manufacturers and foodservice clients. She also serves as our resident expert on Generation X, and is involved in every aspect of our corporate planning and development.

In the long run, we only hit what we aim at.


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