Our Team

Cynthia J. Wanklin
Director of Finance

Bill Main would say that Cindy Wanklin is the best numbers expert in the foodservice industry - bar none. She is the ultimate financial analyst, able to skillfully convert seemingly disastrous financial situations and numerical quagmires into logical and understandable models. She possesses the innate ability to see through the numbers, reconstruct what really happened and draw accurate conclusions.

In addition to her corporate responsibilities as Director of Finance, Cindy is an accomplished accounting specialist, providing a unique perspective to financial management and analysis, oversees all consulting projects, surveys, and database management maintained by Bill Main & Associates. She has more than 20 years of hands-on financial experience with over 200 foodservice clients, from single unit independents to emerging chains, including over 15 years as CFO for our own restaurants.

Cindy has developed the proprietary cost control and financial management programs included in the Trade Secrets products and utilized by clients to track foodservice profitability. She regularly interfaces with accountants, CFO's and Controllers, providing support and guidance in the integration of our “best practices” financial methodologies into client companies. Cindy has a fabulous instinct for the restaurant industry, she's an excellent coach, and steadfastly adheres to “the numbers don't lie” philosophy. In conjunction with Bill, Cindy researches and develops the financial models crucial to our 25 and 0 record with expert witness engagements.

Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well arranged mind.


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